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Title Expanded Duty Dental Assistant
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Under the supervision of the Dental Director, the Certified Dental Assistant renders dental care to patients. The Dental Assistant performs semi-technical dental and routine clerical work in a dental department located in a community health center. Work involves assisting the dentist during examinations and treatment, cleanings, sterilizing, and arranging instruments, and assisting dentist with x-rays.

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Completes initial assessment of patient according to department Policy and Procedures and documents appropriately.

2. Takes and record pulse, blood pressure and temperature.

3. Notes individual patient’s limitations and dental needs.

4. Reassesses patient according to departmental guidelines and documents appropriately.

5. Applies the dental process to each patient and implements limited dental actions

6. Follows plan of care for each patient

7. Receive dentist orders, records and assures completion.

8. Assists dentist with exams and procedures.

9. Documents the care provided to patients, and their reaction to that care.

10. Recognizes emergency situations and responds appropriately.

11. Seats and prepares patients adjusts dental chair.

12. Arranges dental instruments and materials for each patient, assists dentist with instrumentation, medication and management of the patient during treatment procedures.

13. Assists dentist in the use of highly specialized dental equipment, such as the x-ray machine, aspirator, and amalgamator.

14. Mixes and prepares solutions and materials for fillings, washes and sterilizes instruments and clean work area following treatment.

15. Takes radiographs of patients as prescribed by dentist. File x-ray films and case reports.

16. Charts information dictated by the dentist on the chart such as lesions, missing teeth, etc.

17. Act as a communication link between dentist and receptionist.

18. Performs routine dental laboratory work.

19. Performs routine maintenance of dental equipment, i.e., oiling of hand pieces and contra-angles.

20. Orders dental and office supplies.

21. Provides patient, family, significant other teaching as opportunities arise or as need is identified.

22. Presents group instruction in oral health care utilizing models and audio visual aids.

23. Conducts oral hygiene instructions with patients and parents of juveniles.

24. Explains dental care procedures using correct terminology; supplements explanation with reasons why

a. School Age

b. Adolescent/Adult

c. Geriatrics

25. Utilizes appropriate resources to accommodate age, education, cultural and communication barriers.

26. Initiates referrals as needed per dentist and appropriate follow-up.

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27. Other duties as assigned.


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