Your Rights As A Patient

While you are a patient at CareSouth, your Rights include the following:

| You have the Right….

  • To receive quality health care.
  • To be respected by others regardless to race, religion, color, age, sex, or health condition or disability.
  • To have privacy while you receive care.
  • To have your personal and health records kept confidential. You must give written consent before we can give your information to someone.
  • To know facts about CareSouth, its services, providers and others who care for you.
  • To get all the facts from your provider about your health and necessary treatment options. You have a right to get these facts in words that you understand.
  • To say no to any medical care. Talk with your provider, know your other choices. If you refuse care and that prevents your provider from meeting his or her moral or professional standards, they may decide they can no longer care for you. Your provider must give you proper notice in the event he or she wishes to exercise that right. You have a right to file a formal grievance if you disagree with the decision.
  • To tell us in advance how you wish to be treated if you ever become too ill to decide for yourself. This is your legal right.
  • To give us feedback about our care and services by completing our Patient Satisfaction Survey after your visit.

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