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Title Expanded Duty Dental Assistant
Job Information


Under the supervision of the Dental Director, the Certified Dental Assistant renders dental care to patients. The Dental Assistant performs semi-technical dental and routine clerical work in a dental department located in a community health center. Work involves assisting the dentist during examinations and treatment, cleanings, sterilizing, and arranging instruments, and assisting dentist with x-rays.

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Completes initial assessment of patient according to department Policy and Procedures and documents appropriately.

2. Takes and record pulse, blood pressure and temperature.

3. Notes individual patient’s limitations and dental needs.

4. Reassesses patient according to departmental guidelines and documents appropriately.

5. Applies the dental process to each patient and implements limited dental actions

6. Follows plan of care for each patient

7. Receive dentist orders, records and assures completion.

8. Assists dentist with exams and procedures.

9. Documents the care provided to patients, and their reaction to that care.

10. Recognizes emergency situations and responds appropriately.

11. Seats and prepares patients adjusts dental chair.

12. Arranges dental instruments and materials for each patient, assists dentist with instrumentation, medication and management of the patient during treatment procedures.

13. Assists dentist in the use of highly specialized dental equipment, such as the x-ray machine, aspirator, and amalgamator.

14. Mixes and prepares solutions and materials for fillings, washes and sterilizes instruments and clean work area following treatment.

15. Takes radiographs of patients as prescribed by dentist. File x-ray films and case reports.

16. Charts information dictated by the dentist on the chart such as lesions, missing teeth, etc.

17. Act as a communication link between dentist and receptionist.

18. Performs routine dental laboratory work.

19. Performs routine maintenance of dental equipment, i.e., oiling of hand pieces and contra-angles.

20. Orders dental and office supplies.

21. Provides patient, family, significant other teaching as opportunities arise or as need is identified.

22. Presents group instruction in oral health care utilizing models and audio visual aids.

23. Conducts oral hygiene instructions with patients and parents of juveniles.

24. Explains dental care procedures using correct terminology; supplements explanation with reasons why

a. School Age

b. Adolescent/Adult

c. Geriatrics

25. Utilizes appropriate resources to accommodate age, education, cultural and communication barriers.

26. Initiates referrals as needed per dentist and appropriate follow-up.

27. Other duties as assigned.


Please submit a completed employment application found at or the HR office, resume, and credentials via email to or deliver to the HR office. CareSouth is an EOE.

CLOSING: This announcement will remain open until filled.

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Title Patient Financial Services Representative
Start Date 2018-05-21
Job Information


The Patient Financial Services Representative is responsible for providing the patient with insurance and program education to ensure accurate information and excellent customer service. Responsibilities include: collecting required patient information and verify insurance eligibility, financial status and enrolling patients in state and clinic programs (if applicable), informing the patients of their out of pocket (OOP) costs and /or processing payment arrangements. In addition, the Patient Financial Services Representative will be responsible for obtaining referrals and/or authorization for clinic services, ensuring accurate, and timely information exchange with clinical departments, and collecting data for routine reporting.


1. Certificate in Medical Office Administration with three years of relevant experience OR an Associate’s degree in health care, accounting or related field with two years of relevant experience. Bachelor’s degree preferred.

2. Must have a strong understanding of all major health insurance carriers, knowledge and experience working within insurance companies; must have strong computer, basic math, and decision-making skills.

3. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

4. Must have exceptional interpersonal communication skills.

5. Must be able to effectively resolve conflicts.

6. Demonstrate professionalism in dealing with confidential and sensitive patient information. Comfortable discussing financial matters and asking for/requesting payment on past due accounts.

7. Detail oriented with ability to effectively prioritize tasks in a fast paced environment

8. Must have superior communication skills (reading/written/verbal) and organizational skills.

9. Exhibit a high level of courtesy, tact and poise with interacting with patients, co-workers, other internal customers, visitors and healthcare professionals

10. Cash management experience in order to process and request payments

11. Excellent computer skills, experience with Electronic Health Record system preferred

12. Able to work independently and as part of a team.

13. Ability to sit for long periods, and communicate over telephone while using computer.

14. Performs all job responsibilities in full compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures.


1. Knowledgeable of and applies the Vision, Mission, and Core Values of CareSouth.

2. Greets patients, visitors, and staff in a courteous, friendly, and professional manner.

3. Conduct interviews with patients and / or family members

4. Obtain relevant patient demographic information (i.e. address, phone numbers, insurance, etc.) and service information upon each visit.

5. Verify insurance coverage and benefits via online access or by phone in advance of a patient’s appointment.

6. Explain benefits to patients as well as staff, as applicable.

7. Obtain prior authorizations as applicable.

8. Assists eligible patients with completing Sliding Fee Applications.

9. Update patient demographic and insurance information in the EMR as applicable.

10. Send benefits applications to patients via email upon request to expedite verification processes.

11. Works collaboratively with Front Desk staff.

12. Refer uninsured patients to Outreach team for assistance with health insurance enrollment.

13. Perform appointment reminders and document the outcome/status in the Dentrix System.

14. Maintain confidentiality of patient’s protected health information.

15. Identify areas of improvement such as workflows and policies and processes.

16. Answers the phones as required.

17. Perform other duties as assigned by HIT/ Revenue Manager.

18. Advises self-pay patients of their medical and dental care options available.

19. Set up arrangements / monthly installment plans for patients to payoff balances within the guidelines of CSMD collection policy.

20. Maintains knowledge base of programs offered by CareSouth.


Please submit a completed employment application found at or the HR office, resume, and credentials via email to or deliver to the HR office. CSMD is an EOE.


Until filled.

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Title Billing Specialist
Job Information


This position is primarily responsible for all patient billing, payments and accounts receivable financial reporting for CareSouth. In addition this position has direct responsibility for assisting the Billing Manager with all patient-related financial reporting (both internal and external). Duties include entering payment data through electronic keyboard for daily transactions, with a high level of speed and accuracy. Responsible for all provider billing accounts receivable including posting of all payments, collection of delinquent accounts and receivable from third party payers. Primary liaison in the identification and implementation of MIS billing system changes with Front Desk staff.


1. The candidate is required to be a High School Graduate or Equivalent, and a graduate of an approved school for advance training and/or education. A current certification and/or related area with advanced knowledge of billing functions, procedures, and hands-on computer operations in health care or medical environment preferred.

2. The position requires a minimum of three years of medical billing experience, including a minimum of one year in a primary care setting/environment.

3. S/He should have a strong desire in learning medical terminology and procedures. Working knowledge of software packages and applications used in providers billing and accounts receivable functions. The billing specialist needs to be proficient in personal computer usage.


1. Post payments to each account to ensure proper credit; compares the transaction report to actual encounter forms processed for that day.

2. Enter new and/or updated information for reduction of payment through payments and approved credits.

3. On a daily basis, resolves payment transaction and discrepancies.

4. Responsible for processing all receipts by working closely with other clinical staff.

5. Review delinquent patients’ accounts on a timely basis; prepares and sends out delinquent notices accordingly. Update patient database files with correct addresses and insurance information.

6. Recommend and participate in the development of plans and methods to collect current and

aged accounts receivable.

7. Assist in the preparation of monthly aged accounts receivable reports.

8. Prepare billings and sends out billings according to established procedures.

9. Follow up on billings submitted to insurers. Responds to all request for patient claims information (e.g., insurance companies, attorneys, patients, etc.)

10. Generate financial reports dealing with insurance patient accounts and deposits for submission to Chief Finance Officer.

11. Maintains confidentiality of workplace information according to the policies and procedures of the center.

12. Generate daily reports for submission to Chief Finance Officer of claims generated, number sent out, dollar amount, etc.

13. Works closely with Billing Assistant/Clerk, Billing Manager and the Chief Finance Officer in setting up and monitoring electronic billing procedures.

14. Controls the use of material and supplies necessary to perform job duties. Maintains proper use of equipment and proper inventory management of supplies.

15. Works professionally as a team member in conjunction with other department employees and center.

16. Complies with policies and procedures.

17. Work closely with patients in resolution of billing issues.

18. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.


Please submit a completed employment application found at or the HR office, resume, and credentials via email to or deliver to the HR office. CareSouth is an EOE.

CLOSING: This announcement will remain open until filled.

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Title Ryan White Program Manager Position Announcement
Job Information

POSITION SUMMARY: The RW Program Manager must be an effectively manage CareSouth’s Part A and Part C program.


1. Two to five years related experience required.

2. BA/BS in social work or related field with management/supervisory experience, LPN or Registered Nurse with management/administrative experience.

3. Current CPR certification is required.

4. Experience in collaboration with interdisciplinary healthcare teams.

5. Experience in ambulatory care setting preferred.


1. Ensures compliance with all regulatory bodies to assure program integrity and optimal functionality.

2. Serves as Lead for the entire RW Care Act title grants received by the HIV program.

3. Develops and implements policies and procedures relative to the Ryan White Program.

4. Effectively manages programmatic services by ensuring all aspects of patient care are provided either internally or externally.

5. Obtains and manages formal Collaborative Agreements with external service providers and collaborating programs throughout the service area to bridge gaps in services.

6. Completes initial assessments of patients according to department Policies & Procedures and documents appropriately.

7. Continuously evaluates the needs of patients according to data and trends and recommends programmatic improvement based on this information.

8. Ensures comprehensive treatment plans are developed and implemented for all patients.

9. Provides initial consultation to patients newly diagnosed and assists with facilitating referrals to other supportive services.

10. Recognizes emergency situations and responds appropriately.

11. Responsible for assistance as needed for grant proposals, organizing and collecting necessary data.

12. Develops, administers and maintains a system for managing grants from agencies including but not limited to HRSA, TGA-Title I and Minority Aids Initiative.

13. Collaborates with administrative, and information technology personnel to implement and monitor grant performance.

14. Assures completion of annual evaluations of Ryan White program staff, documents in employee records to include performance evaluations and personnel transactions.

15. Adopts and implements policies and procedures as mandated by the CareSouth.

16. Maintains a quality assurance program in compliance with the CSMD policies and the HRSA / HIV Quality Management program.

17. Communicates with HRSA Project Officer as appropriate and works collaboratively with CSMD administration.

18. Represents the CSMD HIV program in local, state and national meetings; statewide committees; task forces and other groups as necessary and appropriate.

19. Assessments of prior clinic and grant performance, analyzing and identifying shortcomings, settings priorities, designating interventions and monitoring the operational impact of interventions with clinic and agency leadership.

20. Proactively monitors and addresses clinic staffing needs in collaboration with Medical Provider, participating in recruitment and evaluation of staff performances.

21. Monitoring indicators of clinical quality, such as morbidity, hospitalizations, mortality, volume, patient complaints and evaluation of patient satisfaction with the RW staff and Medical Provider.

22. Enters data into CAREWare system and manage function data received and to be reported to various agencies.

23. Communicates with the BR-TGA office for all needs of grants, reporting and Quality Management.

24. Responsible for the RDR (CADUR) yearly data report, the RSR (client level data reporting) to be reported twice a year and the Non-competing grant reports.

25. Responsible for attending and preparing report for the monthly CSMD board meeting.

26. Performs any duties or delegation as set forth by immediate supervisor, CMO, or CEO.

27. Ensures that all equipment and supplies warranted for adequate functioning of department are available and in adequate supply.

28. Provides patient and/or family, significant teaching as opportunities arise or as need is identified.

29. Ability to educate and relay information to patients in a clear and concise manner.

30. Provides patient education and engages family members as required.

31. Develops a plan for education together with the patient by incorporating the principles of self-management, by determining priorities, and by setting goals that are reachable and realistic.

32. Investigates alternative methods of patient education that are suitable for different learner needs and preferences, such as interactive Q & A, audiovisual materials, computer-assisted instruction, cooperative learning (group education formats), displays and bulletin boards, demonstration/return demonstration, role play, and patient-directed education.

33. Target specific groups served by the clinic – the disadvantaged, the elderly, minority groups, pregnant women, etc. – and design needs-based programs for education.

34. Develop, evaluate, maintain and promote the use of effective patient education materials in the clinic and the community at large.

35. Develop and prepare content and a schedule of conferences and in-services to convey theory and methods of patient education to resident physician, faculty and staff.

36. Organizes and participates in community activities, such as health fairs, school projects, etc.

37. Develops a patient education curriculum for an array of chronic diseases that have a significant nutritional component.

38. Develops and maintains approved policies and procedures for patient education and helps ensure compliance with all federal, state and local regulatory bodies.

39. Utilize appropriate resources to accommodate age, education, cultural and communication barriers.

40. Initiates multi-disciplinary referrals as needed and does not appropriate follow-up.

41. Assures informed consent is obtained.

42. Respects and ensures the privacy of all patients.

43. Responds to all emergency codes and drills and completes appropriate paperwork.

44. Follows Standard precautions by utilizing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

45. Demonstrates knowledge of P&P for the 7 Environment of Care Plans: (1) Safety and Security; (2) Hazardous Material and Waste; (3) Fire Safety; (4) Medical Equipment; (5) Utilities; (6) Other Physical Environment; and (7) Emergency Management.

46. Completes all required referral paperwork.

47. Appropriately delegates care duties to other Ryan White program staff.

48. Maintains open communication with all team members throughout CareSouth.

49. Expresses knowledge of and actively participates in Health Disparity Collaborative through staff meeting or committee participation.


Please submit a completed employment application found at or the HR office, resume, and credentials via email to or deliver to the HR office. CSMD is an EOE.

CLOSING DATE: April 24, 2018

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Job Information

The Psych. Nurse Practitioner’s (PNP) responsibility is to assess, plan and provide high-quality, cost effective comprehensive patient care and a unique approach to health care. The PNP provides behavioral health and comprehensive health assessment, medical diagnosis of acute and chronic illnesses, writes prescriptions, and formulates a treatment plan with an emphasis on health promotion, disease prevention, and disease management.


 The PMHNP-BC is required to be a Licensed Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurse with a Master’s Degree. Required coursework to maintain certificate for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.
 Board certified or Board eligible. PNP must be licensed to Practice Nursing in the State of Louisiana and possess a Psychiatric NP Certificate, CDS, DEA, and CPR licenses.
 The PNP must have the skills and knowledge for budgets and organizational structure and three to five years’ proven experience in a FQHC setting. Person must have the ability to direct and supervise skilled and semi-skilled employees.


1. Knowledge and understanding of Employee Handbook. Consults with the Behavioral Health / Medical Director, Chief Executive Officer or designee before decisions are made on questions of interpretation.
2. Assist in developing, implementing, and evaluating the center’s annual health care plan.
3. Provide for organization and maintenance of an effective system of medical care with emphasis on wellness and prevention of illness.
4. Assist in preparation of monthly reports to Behavioral Health/Medical Director outlining the Center’s medical productivity and performance improvement adherence.
5. Provide an effective communication link between other staff/employees and employees of the mental health department.
6. Recommends budget items including patient care equipment and supplies to the Behavioral Health/Medical Director, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer.
7. Performs studies/analysis to determine impact for:
a. Healthcare outcomes.
b. Policy change positives or negatives.
c. Departmental efficiencies
d. Other areas, as requested by the Behavioral Health, Medical Director and/or Chief Executive Officer to assist in administrative decision-making.
8. Communicate back to management the attitudes, suggestions, and complaints of employees in a constructive business manner.
9. Lead and motivate employees to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.
10. Assist in the orientation, training, and supervision of the Behavioral Health Department support staff. Give feedback to Behavioral Health Director to assist in the evaluation performance.
11. Lead by example holding self to the standards of conduct and performance that they command of other medical staff members.
12. Attend required organizational meetings, in-service trainings, internal committees, and participation on internal committees.
13. Meet or exceed annual productivity standards.
14. Utilizes technology to create a more efficient and effective way of doing business.
15. Actively participates in outside association activities.
16. Maintain confidentiality of workplace information according to the policies and procedures of organization.
17. Assist in conducting community outreach to business, community, social and religious organizations.
18. Perform other duties as assigned by Medical Director, Behavioral Health Director and/ or the Chief Executive Officer.
19. Perform other related as assigned by the Chief of Quality Performance and Improvement.


Please submit a completed employment application found at or the HR office, resume, and credentials via email to or deliver to the HR office. CareSouth is an EOE.


CLOSING: Until filled

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Title Outreach and Enrollment Specialist
Job Information


To facilitate consumer enrollment in a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) through the Federal Marketplace and or other health programs such as Medicaid, Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Program (PCIP) and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) by providing fair, impartial, and accurate information that assists consumers with submitting the eligibility applications, clarifying distinctions among QHP’s, and helping qualified individuals make informed decisions during the health plan selection. The Outreach/Enrollment Specialist will conduct consumer assistance activities as well as outreach and education activities to consumers and businesses about the availability of these programs and insurance affordability to encourage participation. The Outreach/Enrollment Specialist will provide all services for the public good and serve as a resource to all consumers, including but not limited to, existing patients of the health center as well as to consumers, particularly from communities that are underserved by and under-represented in the current health insurance market.


1. Provide application assistance and facilitate enrollment of eligible patients and community members in health insurance programs.

2. Maintain knowledge and expertise in eligibility, enrollment, and program specifications of the Federal Marketplace and other health coverage programs such as Medicaid and CHIP.

3. Implement outreach strategies to promote the availability of health insurance and encourage participation of consumers particularly in communities that are underserved and underrepresented in the current health insurance market.

4. Conduct outreach and education activities to educate health center patients, consumers, businesses, community organizations and other stakeholders about insurance affordability through the Marketplace, Medicaid and/or CHIP to encourage participation.

5. Provide information and assistance in the consumer’s preferred language and or provide limited-English proficiency consumers with oral and written notices of their rights to receive language assistance services and how to obtain such services.

6. Provide referrals for consumers with questions, complaints, or grievances to any applicable office of health insurance consumer assistance or health insurance ombudsman, or any other appropriate state agency or agencies.

7. Ensure the protection and security of a consumer’s personal, confidential and identifiable information in a professional and responsible manner and carry out all measures to prevent from unauthorized disclosures.

8. Demonstrate and maintain the standards and requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

9. Participate in monthly conference calls and regularly scheduled meetings with the

Outreach/Enrollment Specialist Project Management team at LPCA and provide updates to discuss issues, best practices, and modifications or challenges with the federal application and/or online application for Medicaid and CHIP, and/or the Federal Marketplace.

10. Build new relationships and maintain existing ones with current and future community entities that are providing services to consumers to promote health insurance coverage through the Federal Marketplace, Medicaid, and or CHIP.

11. Participate in CMS, DHH and other required training for Outreach/Enrollment Specialist certification and to enhance outreach and enrollment expertise.

12. Provide data and other information necessary for LPCA and other reporting requirements.

13. Assist with the development and dissemination of marketing and promotional materials for outreach, application assistance and education activities that are tailored to the health center service delivery area and target population.

14. Provide application and renewal assistance and facilitate enrollment in a health insurance program by providing fair, impartial, and accurate information.

15. Maintain knowledge and expertise in eligibility, enrollment, and program specifications of the Medicaid and CHIP programs and have some basic knowledge of the Qualified Health Plans (QHP).

16. Conduct monthly in-reach, outreach and education activities to existing health center patients and community residents to promote awareness about coverage options under Medicaid, CHIP, and the Marketplace.

17. Assist with the development of marketing and promotional materials for outreach, application assistance and education activities.

18. Provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services and ensure physical and other accessibility for people with disabilities.

19. Must be emotionally mature and able to function effectively under stress and the ability to organize and prioritize work.

20. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.


1. Bachelor’s degree preferred. Preferably in Social Work, Public Health, Public Administration, Marketing or similar field from an accredited college or university preferred. Five relevant years of experience can be substituted for bachelor’s degree.

2. Medicaid Application Certification or the ability to attain within timeframe deemed by issuing agency.

3. Strong team-based, results oriented, analytical and problem-solving skills s must.

4. Knowledge of healthcare laws, regulations, and standards.

5. Strong oral presentation and written communication skills.

6. Ability to work effectively and professionally in a fast-paced environment.

7. Computer literate in Microsoft, Excel and PowerPoint Presentation programs.

8. Ability to work independently and think critically.

9. Knowledge of and ability to work and engage with the uninsured, underserved and underrepresented populations.

10. Spanish and English bilingual a plus.

11. Must have excellent written and oral communication skills.

12. Able to organize, prioritize and work independently as well as schedule and produce work in a timely manner.

13. Required to travel amongst all CareSouth sites.




1. Visual acuity – always; computer application.

2. Hand – eye coordination – always.

3. Work is a combination of sedentary and steady movement based on project/event.

4. Lifting approximately 10-15 lbs, Pushing, Pulling – sometimes.

5. Stooping, Bending – as needed; sometimes.

6. Sitting, Standing – frequently.

7. Walking- frequent; short distances.

8. Must be capable of standing on a step stool and reaching above head and shoulder area.


1. Indoor and outdoor elements.

2. Exposure to disease or infections.

3. Exposure to artificial and/or natural light.


Please submit a completed employment application found at or the HR office, resume, and credentials via email to or deliver to the HR office. CSMD is an EOE.

CLOSING: This announcement will remain open until filled.

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Title Certified Medical Assistant
Location Baton Rouge, La
Job Information


Assists providers and patients in receiving high quality, patient-centered care; actively works to create and maintain a professional, positive patient experience.  Must be a Certified Medical Assistant.


Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Greets patients, families, and providers in a courteous, friendly, and professional manner.
  2. Effectively, comprehensively utilizes the electronic medical record (EMR) entering data, documenting, tracking, and managing patient care.


  1. Works with the Nurse Supervisor to ensure efficient patient flow.
  2. Comprehensively prepares exam rooms according to clinical standards, specific procedures and provider’s need for ALL visits.


  1. Ensures providers have everything needed to provide high quality, patient-centered care.


  1. Triages patients by checking vitals and documenting chief complaints/reason for visits in the EMR.


  1. Administers oral, IM, SC Meds (injections) per Provider’s orders and as applicable.
  2. Facilitates office lab tests, blood draws and obtaining other specimens either directly or through coordination with Lab vendor according to Provider’s orders and as applicable.


  1. Follow-ups on lab orders and ensures appropriate, accurate, timely documentation is available for clinical decision-making.


  1. Disseminates the Treatment Plan/Office Visit summary to patient at the end of each visit.
  2. Follows up with specialty referrals and ensures all information is documented in the record and Provider notes any alerts.


  1. Other duties as assigned within the scope of a Certified Medical Assistant.
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